Educational Building

(4 hours or less) Includes setup/cleanup/event time: $125.00


Educational Building

(up to 12 hours) Includes setup/cleanup/event time: $150.00


Microphone use with educational building

(additional to building rental) $15.00

This cost applies to PA use in the barn as well.



 Livestock Barn

(Day rental) $250.00

(1/2 day rental) $195.00

Livestock Barn Cleaning Fee: If you choose to not clean the barn, Canadian County Fairgrounds will charge a cleaning fee based on the usage of the barn. Notifying the fairgrounds of your intended us (i.e. number of pens being used) will allow us to estimate the cleaning cost.


Damage/Cleaning Deposit/Additional Cost

Reservations may require a damage/cleaning deposit via a separate check. Ask when inquiring about booking to verify if one is needed. Damage deposits are returned pending inspection and approval of the facilities condition. Some rentals may incur additional charges depending on specific usage of the facilities such as electrical, water, gas or setup.



How to book:

Complete the booking request form below and mail or email to us. Once we have received your request, your event will be reviewed and we will contact you with an invoice once your event is approved. Your event is not booked until you have received approval. All bookings require a booking deposit to guarantee your date, unless otherwise specified. Once you have received and invoice and have paid your deposit, your date is booked.

E: canadiancountyfairgrounds@gmail.com

P: (405) 262-0683